Thought Leadership

The Three Most Effective Ways To Lead Change

I have worked with leaders and teams as a consultant, coach, strategist, trainer and change leader all over the world for more than 25 years.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This includes amazingly high-performing teams (the good), really dysfunctional toxic rock stars (the bad), and organizational cultures that crush people (the ugly).

Here’s what I’ve noticed: too many leaders get stuck.

Influencing Is A Team Sport: 7 Steps To Make Any Team More Powerful

I’ve worked with hundreds of teams from across the spectrum over the past 20 years. And I’ve observed a few universal rules that always apply.

Today I’ll talk about the most important one: the ability to influence.

More specifically: the capability to influence as a team, upward into leadership (and ownership), laterally across silos, down through the ranks and outward to vendors and partners.

COMPELLING REQUESTS, Part II: Neutralizing Toxic Rock Stars

You know of whom I speak.

And I bet every leader in your organization knows who we’re talking about.

Yes, the Toxic Rock Star.

A Toxic Rock Star is someone who produces significant material results while having a negative impact on others, in essence holding other people, teams and even organizations hostage.

Like Ogres hiding under the bridge...

Your Target Customers May Not Be Who You Think They Are [video]

Fact: many businesses have not one customer, but a system of customers -- each with different power and influence.

Teams and organizations that are not clear about their system of customers can easily fool themselves. They can – and often do – become unknowingly self-serving.

The Foundation To Teamwork That Often Gets Ignored [video]

Like wallpaper, purpose statements tend to become invisible to leaders and teams.

Why should you care?

Because it’s hard to build a house on a crooked foundation. By the time you get to the third floor, you have to fight to get doors to work and keep the roofline straight.