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Compelling Requests: A High Performance Team Tool

high performance teams make compelling requests

Here's a 30-second introduction to a high performance team tool: compelling requests.

It's simple. The members of high performance teams make compelling requests.

It's built into the culture. It's expected.

During a strategic alignment meeting with an international conservation science organization, a business leader lamented the pace of decision-making. "We make decisions at the speed of nearly dead turtles," she moaned.

Acknowledging the problem, we responded, "businesses grow and evolve at the speed at which clear and compelling requests are made and responded to."

Moment of Truth for High Performance Teams

There is a moment of truth for High Performance Teams. It is the moment team members start to hold gut-level honest discussions about team culture.
The good news is leaders can get their teams to the edge of this moment. But only team members can make it happen.
I was reminded of all this when I came across the “Shirtless Dancing Guy” video from a couple years back. Remember it?  See it here.

Performance Metrics for Driving Nonprofit Growth

feedback loop performance metrics nonprofit

Performance metrics are a key component in growing and evolving a nonprofit organization. As a former ecologist, I was endlessly captivated by the inherent perfection and dynamism of the evolutionary process. Ecosystems have a remarkable capacity for constantly adapting to changes in the environment by refining existing adaptations or even making leaps to entirely new solutions for meeting the challenges of ever-changing life conditions. An essential component of this ability to adapt and change are the many feedback loops that are found in every ecosystem.

Put simply, ecosystems are constantly “collecting data” to evaluate what’s working and not working and then tweaking the system to respond to this information.

Nonprofit organizations are no different. In a dynamic organizational ecosystem...

Become A Total Leader In 20 Weeks

Become a total leader in 20 weeks.

A couple of blog posts ago I made the statement about the future of leadership development, and how I don't think current leadership development approaches are enough to equip leaders in our current business environment. This is especially true when considering how much change leaders are  facing daily as a result of globalization and technology.

Because of this, I believe there are three important keys to the future of leadership development:

What Can Leaders Learn From A 16-Year-Old Gymnast?

What can leaders learn from a 16-year-old gymnast?A female gymnast leaps into the air during a floor routine during competition.

What can leaders learn from a 16-year-old gymnast?A female gymnast leaps into the air during a floor routine during competition.

Earlier this year I had the privilege to work with an elite 16-year-old gymnast. She started her year with a couple of falls on the vault and was struggling to move on. These mistakes got into her head and paralyzed her so much that she could not stop falling. It was just two weeks before her State meet that I was approached to help her with her “Game Within”!!!

In our first session it became clear that she was gripped with fear...

Pain of Team Interdependence

Team Interdependence

Why sign up for the pain of team interdependence?  Because team interdependence is a key to high performance. And in this age of "team", high performance sets us apart.

And what is this pain all about? It is the cost of forging mutually dependent relationships. Really, the cost of conflict. And conflict, especially with those we trust and respect, can be painful.

The purpose of this post is to test for this pain and remind ourselves that the pain is worth it. In fact, if teams and organizations knew the rewards hidden on the other side of conflict, they would line up to practice it. Our default mode is to  write, teach, and consult on the subject, anything but actually do it. Let's agree there is no time to waste...