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Influencing Is A Team Sport: 7 Steps To Make Any Team More Powerful

I’ve worked with hundreds of teams from across the spectrum over the past 20 years. And I’ve observed a few universal rules that always apply.

Today I’ll talk about the most important one: the ability to influence.

More specifically: the capability to influence as a team, upward into leadership (and ownership), laterally across silos, down through the ranks and outward to vendors and partners.

The Seven Principles For Team Effectiveness

leading change

Leading change is, by definition, what good leaders do. Failure rates are high. How to succeed? Growth River's Journey is a universal framework for unleashing the potential of any business, team or organization. It is founded on seven principles. It is designed to be applied a part of a regular planning cycle. It addresses both business culture and business model issues at the same time. And it can be customized to flexibly incorporate pretty much any kind of methodology or solution required.