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Our clients achieve sustained competitive advantage by deploying the Growth River Operating System (OS).

High Performing Teams

High-Performing Teams are the essential building blocks for effective change leadership. High-Performing team leaders and members commit to a shared purpose and deliberately modify their own and each other’s ways-of-working and act to resolve constraints and address challenges.

What is the Growth River OS?


With the guidance of Growth River, organizations learn to drive change in complex environments and scale with their most valuable resource - their people

Here's How:

Gap Analysis & Journey Planning
The journey starts with assessing team performance with the HPT assessment tool. This helps determine the team's desired future state, identify gaps and set priorities for the team.
Transformational Workshops
Growth River Change experts meet with each team in face-to-face workshops to help guide team members in leading their own transformation.
Leadership Coaching
Effective leadership is not always intuitive. Our business coaches work with leaders and executives who seek additional guidance during change initiatives.
Team Coaching
Real-time leadership and business coaching is available to executives. Growth River coaches often act as adjunct team members who co-own and co-lead initiatives.
Performance Support
Business coaches engage directly with executives to analyze probelms, organize complex decisions and develop leadership narratives through our Performance Support services.
Targeted Training
Targeted training programs are designed and offered to address critical skill gap such as Facilitating Complex Decision Making and Shaping Leadership Narratives.
Growth River

Leadership Team

Richard Hawkes
Founder & CEO, Change Leadership Expert
Everett Darby
Partner, Innovation & Change Leadership Expert, Professor, Lecturer & Speaker
Robert DeSimone
Partner, Change Leadership Expert & Master Executive Coach
Robert Heinzman
Partner, Change Leadership Expert

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