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WHAT WE DO: ​​Equip executive leaders and teams to structure roles, relationships, and conversations to navigate change.​

WHAT YOU DO: ​​ Lead complex change while scaling your businesses and organization with your most valuable resource – your people.​

“When I think about the value of Growth River’s services, it’s at every stage of our growth.”​
Steve Sun

“The Growth River team provided a powerful accelerator to move an entire enterprise forward.”​
Penny Pennington
Managing Partner
Edward Jones

“Growth River doesn’t tell us our strategic direction. They help us think strategically so we can answer our own questions.”​
Marty Rosenberg
Founder, Ethos Partners​

We help executives connect the dots, set course, and drive alignment so they may lead across the Three Domains of Change

Three Domains of Change, Growth River, LLC
  1. What inspires us to action?

  2. How will we organize and collaborate

  3. How will we optimize value?

The Growth River Approach

We provide executive leaders and teams with the language and tools needed to grow businesses and scale organizations using an action learning approach.​ This approach leverages proven frameworks that equip people to create competitive advantage.

Seven Crucial Conversations for High-Performing Teams

The Seven Crucial Conversations (7CCs) for High-Performing Teams is our universal service that applies to all kinds of teams. Teams become high-performing when all 7CCs are driven to resolution.

A key framework in the Growth River approach is The Four Metrics For Competitive Advantage. 

"I’ve worked with Growth River for more than 15 years in some very complex and politically volatile business environments, including post-merger integrations and turnarounds. If you are looking for change leadership experts to work with your executive team through the toughest challenges, there is no better choice than Growth River."
Michael Tease

Figuring out which strategies to invest in is a common leadership challenge.

Solve it.

Apply the Four Metrics for Competitive Advantage

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