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Robert Heinzman

Partner, Change Leadership Expert

Robert Heinzman’s consulting expertise has been forged from an unusual career. With a start in environmental chemistry, he researched groundwater pollution in the desert Southwest. A logical, though perhaps not obvious, path led him to the Amazon and the front lines of tropical forest conservation. This work resulted in the founding of US and international organizations, a series of global forums in tropical forest management, a book (Lessons of the Rainforest, Sierra Club Books, 1991), and a key role in creating the Maya Biosphere Reserve, the largest protected area in Central America. After years of bearing witness to the conflict endemic to the agricultural frontier in the forest tropics, and the disturbingly ineffective intrigues of Washington, D.C., Robert committed to a life of rigorous spiritual practice to figure out what real solutions to global problems are.

Robert holds a degree in Geochemistry from the University of Colorado, and a Master’s from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

He joined Growth River in 2010.