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About Growth River


Our vision is leaders in business unleashed to change their worlds and ours.


Our mission is to create leaders and teams who powerfully lead complex change:

  1.  An inspiring shared purpose
  2. A clear, shared focus
  3. Highly accountable mindsets
  4. The right roles
  5. Effective collaboration at key interdependencies
  6. Customer-focused strategies
  7. Effective implementation with laser-focus on primary constraints


These three values statements communicate the thinking and acting that we believe are fundamental to accomplishing our mission and vision.

  1. Quality is the source of our reputation. It is the uncompromising standard for our thinking, actions, and service delivery. We are committed to the highest quality in all we do.
  2. Mutuality is the source of trust between people. It is the assurance of a shared value and mutual benefit. We are committed to our actions and behaviors never being at the expense, economic or otherwise, of our customers or each other.
  3. Accountability is ownership of outcomes. We are committed to stretching our personal scopes of accountability beyond ourselves, to think and act as owners of our business, of our client’s businesses and of the larger world.

Operational Purpose

We are in the business of developing, selling and delivering methodologies and services for leading change effectively in business environments that are strategically and politically complex.

“I’ve worked with Growth River for more than 15 years in some very complex and politically volatile business environments, including post-merger integrations and turnarounds. If you are looking for change leadership experts to work with your executive team through the toughest challenges, there is no better choice than Growth River.”

Michael Tease, CEO

“Impact on performance of Growth River services? Here’s a story from last week. The CFO said, ‘if I gave you $10m more, what would you do?’ Within 24 hours we had an answer, and everyone on the team knew how we arrived to that determination and what the money meant.”

~ Fran Burns, COO
School District of Philadelphia