Best Practices for Creating
High Performing Teams

For Executive HR and Learning & Development leaders seeking to accelerate performance through teams

Join high performing team experts at Growth River, Edward Jones, and Rali for an engaging discussion.


Explore solutions to scale and sustain high performance teams across your organization through action-based learning.

September 20 // 1pm EDT // 10am PT

High performing teams are the foundation of a healthy and thriving culture.

High performing teams transform organizations by driving productivity, innovation, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. They focus collective strengths and abilities on an organization’s long-term growth and success.

But how do you build and sustain a culture of high performing teams?

This webinar is designed to be an interactive conversation where you will learn best practices and real-world stories of how organizations implement a proven framework for building high performing teams.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify and remove the barriers that cause team stagnation
  • Growth River’s 7 Crucial Conversation framework to help teams Activate Purpose, Drive Focus, and Shift Mindset
  • Real-world impact on organizations that invest in a culture of High Performing Teams
  • How you can easily implement and scale the framework across your organization.


Everett Darby

Senior Partner, Growth River, HPTx Lead Developer

Everett posts a proven 25+ year track record of outstanding organizational leadership with extensive experience driving growth and innovation, building high-performance teams and mentoring executives. Everett previously held key executive leadership positions at Monsanto, The NutraSweet Company and The Coca-Cola Company. With experience in innovation, sales and marketing, global strategy development and team management, Everett has staffed global cross-functional teams and executed the launch of successful new products within the Consumer Goods, Chemical, Food and Industrial sectors. As an adjunct professor, he lectures on Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.


Senior Director of New Business

Gary has enjoyed a 25+ year career leading financial services firms. He has a PhD in Philosophy and was a full professor at the university level for seven years where he taught management, strategic development, and transformational leadership. He currently leads a new market opportunities team for Edward Jones, a Fortune 300 financial services firm.

Founder & Chief Transformation Officer, Rali

Larry is an experienced innovator and change management executive. A self-described “intrapreneur”, Larry is an expert at driving change from within, disrupting and re-shaping deeply-rooted company cultures. In Chief Learning Officer positions at Motorola Cellular and later American Express and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Larry saw an opportunity to create a new learning and change initiative solution that would be different from anything he had seen on the market. The proof has been undeniable.

A Powerful Learning Platform For Scaling Team Performance

“The Growth River team helped us clarify the approach for our multi-year transformation through understanding businesses as social systems and how organizations grow and innovate in a team-based way."

Penny Pennington
Managing Partner, Edward Jones
from her forward to Growth River’s book, Navigate the Swirl
Wiley Press 2022

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