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The Corporate Athlete - “Going Out of Bounds!”

The Corporate Athlete

The corporate athlete is willing to be uncomfortable and risk playing out outside of their own boundaries.

I believe great business leaders and great athletes have a lot in common! The playing fields or competitive settings may differ, but the qualities of both competitors are very much the same!

So, what does it take to become a corporate athlete and business champion? The solution is so basic and so simple and yet is overlooked by most way too often.

Success in and out of business and sports is directly related to how willing you are to venture outside of your own boundaries and comfort zone. It's not the natural talent or the business experiences you had, it is not the physical gifts or the advance degrees that separate the best from all the rest...

The Mindset HR Leaders Need To Excel as Strategic Co-Pilots


HR leaders love and need their development tools to make the difference that is expected of them. They often include psychometric assessments, 360 evaluations to performance management processes and more. But the most important tool HR leaders need is having the right mindset to excel.

Every human resource leader I have ever had the privilege of working with had their eye on one question:

How can I best build a high performing culture? A culture in which our people possess the right skills, capabilities and level of engagement that unleashes our organization’s highest potential to create and sustain profitable growth?”

However to really accomplish this, the central challenge for most HR leaders is this:

To get a seat at the leadership table, and to continuously be a critical strategic partner and co-pilot to business leaders and the leadership teams throughout the enterprise...