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What Can Leaders Learn From A 16-Year-Old Gymnast?

What can leaders learn from a 16-year-old gymnast?A female gymnast leaps into the air during a floor routine during competition.

What can leaders learn from a 16-year-old gymnast?A female gymnast leaps into the air during a floor routine during competition.

Earlier this year I had the privilege to work with an elite 16-year-old gymnast. She started her year with a couple of falls on the vault and was struggling to move on. These mistakes got into her head and paralyzed her so much that she could not stop falling. It was just two weeks before her State meet that I was approached to help her with her “Game Within”!!!

In our first session it became clear that she was gripped with fear...

Pain of Team Interdependence

Team Interdependence

Why sign up for the pain of team interdependence?  Because team interdependence is a key to high performance. And in this age of "team", high performance sets us apart.

And what is this pain all about? It is the cost of forging mutually dependent relationships. Really, the cost of conflict. And conflict, especially with those we trust and respect, can be painful.

The purpose of this post is to test for this pain and remind ourselves that the pain is worth it. In fact, if teams and organizations knew the rewards hidden on the other side of conflict, they would line up to practice it. Our default mode is to  write, teach, and consult on the subject, anything but actually do it. Let's agree there is no time to waste...

Authoring Your Own Success Story

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I’ve spoken with many senior leaders of nonprofit organizations who are caught up in stories that fall short of being stories about success and greatness. Not that these leaders aren’t doing exemplary work, but their day-to-day narratives are too often not the narratives of greatness. And I can empathize with why this is so—I’ve been there.

As the CEO of a small nonprofit in Massachusetts, I faced the challenge of holding to the higher vision and core mission of our organization in face of very real organizational and financial challenges. I stepped into the leadership position at a stage in our development where we could no longer run on the energy and passion that gave rise to the organization. As I learned from the exceptionally gifted and experienced organizational development consultant who was guiding us through this crisis, at 18 years of age—late adolescence in her words—we were hitting the same wall that many nonprofits hit at this age...

Authenticity Is The Cutting Edge Of Culture

The topic of this video blog is − how the cutting edge of culture is authentic communication. Indeed, everywhere you turn today, you hear about authenticity. There are authenticity trends in publishing, online search, marketing, leadership development and cultural evolution. What’s going on? Why is this explosion of authenticity happening?

Why Is Competitive Advantage In The Nonprofit Sector So Important?

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Why is competitive advantage in the nonprofit sector so important? Assessing and optimizing competitive advantage is an essential discipline for any organization that is committed to becoming exceptional at what it is designed to do. This is no less true for nonprofit organizations than it is for for-profit companies. In a recent post on the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s blog, Defining Your Competitive AdvantageMollie West and Andy Posner stated this truth unequivocally:  

It’s unfortunate that social change organizations...

It’s unfortunate that social change organizations tend not to think about competitive advantage as it relates to social impact and growth; far too many nonprofit organizations view competition as something reserved for...