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Think Differently About Conflict

There is much ado about conflict in organizations: books, articles, consultants, a crowded field of best practices, the box of tissues in the HR office. Here I’ll focus on just one aspect – the desire for certainty.

First, a quick assessment. As Bob Johansen from Institute For The Future wisely quips: no organization exists without conflict.

Every Business Leader And Team Needs A Powerful Shared Narrative

We recently gave a presentation at LabCentral, a leading biopharma incubator in Cambridge, MA.  

When evaluating the landscape for VC funding of innovative startups in biopharma, the state of Massachusetts (without LabCentral) ranked first in 2016. California, with their biopharma clusters in San Diego and San Francisco, ranked second. LabCentral -- one building in Kendall Square, Cambridge -- ranked third.

How Do You Lead Change? It’s All In The Definition

Because the world is changing fast, leading change is perhaps the critical leadership capability.

Leading change requires creating experiences for people that reveal new possibilities, while uniting them to drive strategies that harness the resources to win in the marketplace. It requires optimizing the culture of an organization while making investments to drive business growth – simultaneously.

The Three Most Effective Ways To Lead Change

I have worked with leaders and teams as a consultant, coach, strategist, trainer and change leader all over the world for more than 25 years.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This includes amazingly high-performing teams (the good), really dysfunctional toxic rock stars (the bad), and organizational cultures that crush people (the ugly).

Here’s what I’ve noticed: too many leaders get stuck.