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Leaders Create The Conditions For Emergence

Zippered Chrysalis

A client cancelled a meeting today. So I'm catching up on reading. Roger Trapp just posted on Forbes, Successful Organizations Need Leaders At All Levels.

Yes. Agreed. There is a dearth of qualified leaders, and for many reasons, as Trapp details.

I also read a pedigreed academic study from the School's of Economics at both Stanford and London, and McKinsey. The study surveyed 4000 mid-sized companies, observing that a relatively small and sustained investment in leadership training results in a 25% increase in staff productivity and 65% increase in return on capital. Not surprising. But it is nice to have the numbers. That a debate even exists...

CSR: Harvard Business Review Over-Simplifies The Point


arvard Business Review posts The Daily Stat. I recommend subscribing. Here's today's post - it's problematic:

Investors May React Emotionally to Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

In an experiment, graduate business students who studied a fictional retailer’s finances valued the company at $25.92 per share if they were told it had an above-average record on such corporate-responsibility issues as labor and the environment, and just $19.14 per share if its performance on those measures was said to be below average, according to a team led by Mark E. Peecher of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. But the valuation gap disappeared when the participants were encouraged to think carefully about the company’s CSR, suggesting that the high valuations in the above-average case were “unintentional” and based on emotions. “One wants to avoid being overly swayed by” CSR, the researchers say.

Here's my response: Oh boy. Context is everything...

Purpose Of Feedback


Sometimes people are uncomfortable with the idea of receiving feedback from work colleagues. Understanding how feedback is different from advice can help.

Feedback is information that gives you insights around how effectively you are or are not achieving your intention to play your job role well.

Feedback is essential to progress. It provides you with accurate information about the way you work with others.

Feedback can act both as a stimulus to change your behavior and as a catalyst...

Leaders Are Accountable For Business Culture (e.g., Fabrice Tourre Followed The Leader)

So, Fabrice Tourre, it really was a crime.
In the end, Wall Street greed drove Mr. Tourre to lie and deceive. -- SEC lawyer Matthew Martens 

Former Goldman Sachs vice president Fabrice Tourre was found liable today. He knowingly deceived investors about the real value of the mortgage-related financial products he was selling. They were toxic bombs. We now all know the story. So do tens of millions of others who suffered from the implosion of a deregulated financial sector's ability to create wealth for itself and pass the risk on to, well, tens of millions of others.

I'll let HuffPo reflect my frustration of the gov't's ability to bust only a foot soldier so far...

Compelling Requests: A High Performance Team Tool

high performance teams make compelling requests

Here's a 30-second introduction to a high performance team tool: compelling requests.

It's simple. The members of high performance teams make compelling requests.

It's built into the culture. It's expected.

During a strategic alignment meeting with an international conservation science organization, a business leader lamented the pace of decision-making. "We make decisions at the speed of nearly dead turtles," she moaned.

Acknowledging the problem, we responded, "businesses grow and evolve at the speed at which clear and compelling requests are made and responded to."

The First Business Strategy Tool Leaders Need

business strategy toolThe first business strategy tool leaders need is a framework for defining, precisely, how they go to market. Below is my favorite business strategy tool. It's a 'simplifying device.' It has never failed to create insight, innovation and, frankly, relief for clients. We call it the Business Triangle. It's worth noting that this business strategy tool applies equally to .com, .org, .gov, and .edu organizations.

First, a useful definition of a business: A business is a set of capabilities designed to develop, sell and deliver products and services to customers with the help of partners in order to create...