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What Is Nonprofit ROI?

nonprofit ROI

What is nonprofit ROI? There is donor pressure on nonprofit organizations to adopt business practices, like calculating ROI.

This pressure makes sense. If you are going to ask a donor for money, and you are confident that you are spending that money for important results, you should be able to articulate strategies and measure results that prove it.

But as a nonprofit leader, don’t get trapped. While the need to be disciplined in forecasting results is the same, nonprofit ROI is very different than for profit ROI.

Here is my definition of nonprofit ROI: mission and margin.

I co-led a team that won a $5m contract with USAID to support sustainable tropical forest economies in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Guatemala...

How Leadership Teams Successfully Create Aligned Business Strategy

conditions for creating business strategy

What is the most effective way for leadership teams to successfully create aligned business strategy?

I recently helped a 12-member team of an $110m biotech set priorities. In two hours, they narrowed their priorities down to about 7. The CFO later reported that the budgeting process was the easiest ever. There were no turf wars. Everybody knew the priorities.

I’ll share here an overview of the approach that made this possible...

The Law of the Lid

These wry and wise words are extracted from the terrific culture deck published by HubSpot three weeks ago. At 152 slides, it’s daunting, but it’s full of the plot twists and humor that make it a page-turner.

The slideshow is a rulebook on how to create or, more accurately, endlessly cook up a compelling team culture.

This matters to HubSpot. The company is adding 25 new people each month.

The deck got me thinking, and I came up with suggestions for new slides to fill a couple of holes.

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