What Our Clients Say

“I’ve worked with Growth River for more than 15 years in some very complex and politically volatile business environments, including post-merger integrations and turnarounds. If you are looking for change leadership experts to work with your executive team through the toughest challenges, there is no better choice than Growth River.”

Michael Tease, CEO, AMG

“The business unit strategy meeting on Thursday stood in sharp relief to anything we could have done just few short months ago. Such was the contrast that I had a hard time focusing on the content at the expense of the admiring the evolution of the team and the forum that held it. I was, as was each member of the team, consciously aware of the transition we are making, and each of us organically became aware of at least one more behavioral change that we could make to better ourselves and our effort as a team member. I want to be sure to acknowledge that Growth River's role in having gotten us to where we are as having been mission critical. Said differently, we couldn’t have done this without you and consider the approach to be elegant, exciting, transformational. We are truly on our way.”

Robert A. Preti, PhD, President, Caladrius Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT)

Also Overheard
  • “We established a shared mindset of accountability and innovation.”
  • “As a team we were able to pinpoint the highest possible return investments and priorities.”
  • “GR was able to gather performance data that we as leaders can’t usually get ourselves.”
  • “We adopted focused and pragmatic ways of working together that has accelerated decision-making.”
  • “We learned how to translate conflict into creative tension that drives innovation.”
  • “My team has finally learned to value collaboration over operating in silos.”
  • “We finally created, prioritized and aligned around our diverse strategies.”
  • “My team is now taking on the tough people issues and effectively navigating the company’s politics.”

Client Interviews
Ethos Partners

Why is investing in the development of your team the most important investment you can make?

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An interview with founding partner Marty Rosenberg 4:50 min

“It made it possible to identify the constraints across multiple levels, multiple businesses, and multiple areas of the country, allowing us to leapfrog from a $4m to a $40m company very quickly.”

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What kind of culture ensures double-digit growth?

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An interview with founders Steve Sun and Amy Liao 3:46 min

“Instead of two of us, we have a team of leaders working together to grow the business.”

See GENEWIZ Case Study

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Cisco 2012 Global Learning Partner of the Year

How do you create a culture of accountability and interdependence that grooms and develops leaders?

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An interview with CEO Pat Bodin 2:33 min

“Only through a complete System-of-Roles could we orchestrate success and scalability over time.”

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Philadelphia Youth Network

How can different kinds of challenges – from culture to people, from strategic to technical – be brought into one conversation?

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An interview with former and current CEOs Laura Shubilla and Stacy Holland 5:07 min

“Of all the strategic planning work I’ve done in my career, this work was the most real, the most influential, and most changed how I thought about my organization and about my leadership.”


Why isn't a strong organizational vision and purpose enough to ensure sustainability?

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An interview with Board Chair Andy Blocker and CEO Randy Jordan 5:10 min

“It’s revolutionized how we go after things.”

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