A Definition for Change Leadership

Many of us once thought that with enough education or years under our belt, we could tackle any business challenge.

And we relished the opportunity to do so.

However, as the years have gone by, you may have been tested - as I have - by a fast-changing world.

If change is the only constant (as the old adage goes), then let me contribute one thought to all those leadership books:

Change Leadership is the MOST CRITICAL skill set of all.

This applies to both leaders and team members. (Nobody gets a free pass on this one.)

I often ask myself this question, and you may want to do the same: When am I NOT trying to lead my team and organization from where they are today to a different and better place?

If you are committed to finding that better place, then how you think about leading change is critical. It influences, well, everything...

  • …how you and your team problem-solve
  • …how you all learn and communicate
  • …and whether you get promoted, demoted or “restructured” out.

So how can you think about leading change in a way that ensures your professional success?

I created a video to answer this question. It's called Playing the Hand You've Been Dealt For The Good Of The Whole.