Growth River

Enterprise Constraint Analysis

for Executives & Their Teams

A rapid high-impact engagement to identify primary constraints to leadership team & enterprise performance

Four Deliverables

1. Enterprise Change Narrative

Drive alignment down and across

2. High Performing Team Analysis

Optimize your team

3. Enterprise Map

Visualize value creation

4. Alignment Workshop

Set the path forward

You have given me a powerful lens for my business thinking.

~ Cliff Pollan, CEO, former CEO,

Sococo, Postwire, Lumigent Technologies


What challenge do we resolve?

We equip leaders and teams to address challenges that block their effectiveness.

...especially during times of significant change.

Why is our approach different?

We connect the dots and provide you with the language and skills needed to continue optimizing performance.

Is this a solution for you?

Enterprise Constraint Analysis is for time-constrained executives and teams who need a different perspective, and quickly.

The Goal Is Strategic Clarity

We use proven analysis frameworks to identify systemic constraints across your enterprise, and then meet with your team to discuss actionable insights.

The Four Deliverables

1. Enterprise Change Narrative

Visualize how your organization creates value

  • Analyze five key business domains
  • Identify systemic constraints
  • Create compelling communications to lead change

2. High-Performing Team Analysis

Optimize your team

  • Adopt high-performing ways of working
  • Pinpoint productivity increases
  • Set norms for scaling a performance culture  

3. Enterprise Map

Set the direction. Drive alignment down and across.

  • Systematically evolve how capabilities, role & strategies create competitive advantage
  • Specify high return investments

4. Alignment Workshop

Set the path forward

  • A full-day workshop to discuss and align priorities
  • Action learning for durable executive skill development
“When I think about the value of Growth River’s approach, it’s at every stage of our growth.”
"Growth River provided us with a powerful shared language for achieving team and business breakthroughs.”
"You have given my teams a powerful lens for business thinking."

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