Target Client Experience

We Deliver Change Leadership Services

Organizations change, teams develop and businesses grow at the speed at which critical conversations are resolved and aligned actions are taken.

The capacity to do this is called change leadership and it is what makes leaders and teams high-performing.

Symptoms of organizations starving for change leadership include: persistent firefighting, lack of strategic alignment, disengaged employees, ineffective decision-making, unclear accountabilities and haphazard execution. Our services are an antidote.

Our Approach Is To Optimize ROI

Executives outsource to us because they don’t have the expertise or bandwidth for leading change alone. They recognize that our specialists will co-create and co-deliver high-quality, holistic and sustainable change solutions for a higher ROI and with greater alignment than they can achieve themselves.

We achieve a higher ROI by gathering data to identify primary constraints to business growth, team development and organizational change. We then target our solutions to resolve these constraints.

We Enable Leaders And Teams To Focus On Their Roles And Also Work On The Business

At a high-level across all initiatives, we always engage with the same goal − to guide and accelerate leaders, teams, businesses and organizations on their journey towards higher performance.

Leaders can feel overwhelmed when they are asked to play their full-time functional roles while also planning and leading major change initiatives. Studies show 70%+ of all major change initiatives fail to achieve their target outcomes. Outsourcing to us provides a solution for keeping major change initiatives on target. 

Our services enable leaders to stay focused on their functional roles, while also working in a consistent way to improve their businesses, teams and organizations. We clarify milestones and organize the events required for performance breakthroughs, so that leaders and teams feel confident they are on track.

We Provide A Leadership Infrastructure And Drive Outcomes

Change leadership is both an art and a science. The art of change leadership is inspiring others to face uncertainty together as accountable members of a team. The science is building a shared language for optimizing cultures of accountability and business models. We provide both.

Our collaborative approach and exceptional tools set us apart. We address all levels of the change leadership equation through analysis, coaching and facilitation, including: accountable leader and team mindset, complete systems-of-roles, aligned strategies, competitive advantage metrics and effective implementation. When these key conditions are optimized then effective change leadership becomes inevitable!


Our evidence-based approach has enabled us to succeed in a wide range of industries, organizational growth stages and cultural contexts.

Our team offers leaders the capabilities to address tough leadership, team, business and organizational challenges in politically perilous and strategically complex environments.

We will give you, your team and your business:

  1. A shared language for envisioning, provisioning and driving your journey to higher-performance.
  2. The breakthrough experiences required to get to the next level as a leader, team, organization and business.
  3. The data required to create a compelling case for change.
  4. The analysis required to maximize ROI by identifying and resolving primary constraints to higher-performance, including identifying primary constraints to both business growth and organizational change.
  5. The tools and structure required to inspire, drive and manage change through teams.
  6. The partnership and co-leadership that will make our journey together engaging and energizing.
  7. A path forward calibrated to your rate of change, budget and time constraints.

It Is Likely Our Services Will Fit Your Organization

Our evidence-based approach has succeeded in a wide range of industries, growth stages and cultural contexts. 

Typical engagements include:

  • Coaching leaders to inspire, lead and implement change more effectively.
  • Leading workshops to initiate high-performance team behaviors, to strategically align teams and to cascade major change initiatives across organizations.
  • Restructuring organizations and systems-of-roles to become more customer facing and strategically agile.
  • Refining business models and aligning strategies for competitive advantage.

The Risk To Try Us Is Low

Naturally, the approach that matches your situation will need to be worked out.

To explore how our services fit for you and your organization, we usually conduct what we call a solution design meeting. We will meet face-to-face (or virtually) with you (and/or your colleagues). You will tell us about your situation.  And then, we will draft, present and refine a change solution for you.

The focus of the solution we create for you can be anything in the change leadership ballpark from: executive coaching, to scaling up a start-up, to large-scale organizational transformation, to post merger integration.

Our only request is that when you contact us you bring the intention to play for real, because that is what effective change leadership requires.

Our sweet spot includes organizations of all types with teams having four or more members. If this describes your organization, we have a special offer. We will only charge you for the time that we invest in developing a custom solution for you, if you choose to work with us to implement it.

To schedule your Solution Design Meeting, contact us.