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Jeannine Lewis

Jeannine Lewis

Change Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Jeannine is passionate about understanding the ways in which people respond to change.

She is an Organizational Change consultant with extensive experience in building strong teams and developing high-impact leaders. For 15 years Jeannine has parlayed her skills as a consultant, coach and dynamic communicator into a career focused developing solutions for individuals and teams that elevate their performance and enhance their strengths and capabilities. Jeannine’s experience in sales, project and program management, strategy, planning and people management has equipped her to lead teams in the execution of strategic initiatives in the Finance, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

She has worked for global organizations such as IBM and Accenture and consulted for others including Coca-Cola, Marriott Hotels, Nordstrom, Domino’s Pizza, Walmart and Best Buy. As a result, Jeannine is deeply skilled at creating and cultivating relationships at all organizational levels and translating business needs and concepts into tactical strategies that result in alignment on organizational objectives. As a coach, she prepares workforces for planned changes and guides them through curated journeys towards targeted outcomes.

Jeannine is a graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta and The University of Georgia, earning degrees in Psychology and Consumer Economics, respectively. She resides in Atlanta where she enjoys cycling, art, travel and discovering new restaurants.