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Meet the Growth River Team

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Richard Hawkes, CEO
Richard founded Growth River in the US in 2007. Today it is an international consultancy with offices and partners in the US and in Germany. Growth River specializes in leading major transformational change initiatives that impact organizational culture and business models at the same time. This work is unique because of its holistic approach that reduces complexity and creates buy-in for both executives and their teams.

Robert Heinzman, Partner
Robert Heinzman’s consulting expertise has been forged from an unusual career. With a start in environmental chemistry, he researched groundwater pollution in the desert Southwest. A logical, though perhaps not obvious, path led him to the Amazon and the front lines of tropical forest conservation. This work resulted in the founding of US and international organizations, a series of global forums in tropical forest management...

Robert DeSimone, Partner
With over 20 years of senior executive experience, Robert is an Organization Development consultant, High Performance Team facilitator, and Master Executive Coach. His highly developed professional leadership skills enable him to quickly and accurately assess the current state of senior leaders, teams and organizations, and then collaborate to develop focused, pragmatic approaches to enhance effectiveness and business results.

Everett Darby, Partner
Everett posts a proven 30-year track record of outstanding organizational leadership, with extensive experience in building high performance teams and mentoring individuals. Known for his negotiation and problem-solving skills, Everett has held various executive leadership roles at Monsanto, Nutrasweet and The Coca-Cola Company. Everett is a sought-after expert in the area of Innovation Culture and Process.

Bob Voss, Consultant
Bob Voss, PhD, is skilled at helping organizations and their leaders identify and address those critical issues that stand in the way of a high level of shared vision, purpose and results-driven performance. He has extensive experience as a teacher, trainer, and technical writer, and has held senior operational, executive, and board-level roles in a global non-profit organization.