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Louise Visneskie

Louise Visneskie

Director of Information Services & Trainer / Facilitator

Louise Visneskie creates connections and community wherever she goes.

She has spent the last 20 years supporting a variety of sectors – Education, Manufacturing and Retail to name a few — being a conduit between Front-line workers and Executive Leadership Teams, motivating and empowering everyone in the conversation to use their voice and talent to achieve collective positive change.

She is a deep thinker who specializes in Business Intelligence and Database Design.  She works to the principle that technology should be a tool to empower people and not confine them. She further leverages that principle when working with teams to ensure that she creates space to foster understanding.

When faced with a challenge, Louise relies on two important factors: ensuring everyone who can impact or be impacted is present and asking tough questions to drive resolution.

She holds an Honors Bachelor of Computer Science from Laurentian University, experienced trainer / facilitator, and is an Adjunct Professor for Northern College.

Louise lives in Ontario, Canada. She splits her time with Sudbury and the farmland and beaches of the Lake Erie shore. Active in several community minded organizations, she is happiest when building and collaborating with people. She is an avid traveler, accomplished poet and playwright, and eager collector of learning and shared experiences. Together with her husband Brian, she is raising their young daughter to be fiercely engaged with the world around her.