Purpose Of Feedback

feedbackSometimes people are uncomfortable with the idea of receiving feedback from work colleagues. Understanding how feedback is different from advice can help.

Feedback is information that gives you insights around how effectively you are or are not achieving your intention to play your job role well.

Feedback is essential to progress. It provides you with accurate information about the way you work with others.

Feedback can act both as a stimulus to change your behavior and as a catalyst to facilitate change.

To accelerate your professional effectiveness, you need to be aware of the consequences of your behavior. If you are aware, you can decide whether or not the consequences match your intentions.

Feedback enables you to increase your knowledge about your job role and performance. For example: it can give you information about what people expect of you in your job role, how important certain behaviors are to your role and how people rate your current performance.

In contrast, advice includes suggestions from others that may or may not fit your intentions. Advice may provide accurate performance information but it does not necessarily help you to find creative solutions that will work for you.