Team X-Ray App: Cracking the Code on Higher Performance

Team X-Ray AppApproximately 70% of change initiatives underperform or fail (see Beyond Change Management, 2010). The numbers are similar for mergers and acquisitions.

Big numbers. So expensive. Why?

Because change leadership is a mission-critical capability, and most organizations don't have it. Most leaders simply are not on an explicitly conscious path to higher performance that cultivates their ability to lead change.

At Growth River, we've strived to crack the code - to establish an approach to raising team performance based on  fundamental drivers. The result is our new online Team X-Ray.

The Team X-Ray synthesizes 20 years of guiding teams to higher performance. It distills our experience of just about every team performance issue you might imagine into a single approach. 

Here are the kinds of questions the Team X-Ray App will provide answers to:

  1. What are your team's next milestones on its journey to higher-performance?
  2. Where are your team's blind spots?
  3. What specific solutions will have the highest returns for your team right now?

Answer Nine Questions

You will be sent an email with links to two camera-ready reports for your team:

I.  Time On The Clock:

This report pinpoints where your team is on its journey and recommends specific milestones for reaching higher performance.

II.  Case For Change:

This report provides you with the data on your team and a process to create a compelling case for change. The ensuing conversation with your team can efficiently create significant alignment.

In short, this approach creates an intelligent line of sight between your team's culture and the kind of businesses your team can build and sustain.

You can find the app here.

Change leadership is not about controlling individual outcomes. That’s called management. Change leadership is about creating the conditions in which people can self-organize in healthy ways around relevant issues. That’s the logic of ecosystems, where distributed strengths create the conditions for “emergence”. And it is the ability to have emergent capacities — also called innovation — that enables teams to adapt to futures that are unknowable, yet certain to be increasingly complex.

This is also the logic behind our app -- to measure your team's capacity to manage change, and to locate where your team is on the journey to increasing that capacity.