Never Launch A New Initiative This Way [video]

I worked with a major brand that was growing rapidly.

In order to address the changing landscape, and business needs, they needed to restructure.

Now, as you know, announcing a restructuring (or any major change initiative) can invoke all sorts of reactions.

The senior leader surprised everyone with an announcement that went something like this:

"This year our theme is change. Change, change, change. We're going to change what we do, and how we do it."

The room tensed up as everyone waited for what was next. Maybe a plan?

"Now, if you don't like change - you should look for a sclerotic company that doesn't change."


"Uh... not that we want you to leave... But sometimes your job may be better, and sometimes your job may be worse."

More silence.

"But... but... if your job is worse, come tell us..."

No landing. Nothing on solid ground. Just an errant torpedo launch.

The leader made a classic mistake: he went it alone.

What's wrong with that?

Simply this: such a 'launch sequence' releases all the antibodies that fight against major new initiatives.

The RIGHT Way to Do It

If the market or other conditions require that your business must change - then at least approach it the right way.

In the following video - I will share a method that we have used with scores of leaders around the globe to successfully launch national and multi-national change initiatives.

It is the FIRST STEP any leader should use when launching a major change initiative.

It's called "Teams Matter: Don't Go It Alone."

Let me know what you think.