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Reviews & Endorsements

Praise for NAVIGATE the SWIRL

“Move your organization from lots of conversations going nowhere to the right conversations moving in the right direction. Richard’s book is essential for leaders navigating an ever­changing environment.”
“For leaders faced with the ‘Red Queen Principle’ – where all run faster but get nowhere – here is a valuable toolkit to realign for growth.”
“The 7 Crucial Conversations is a unique model for organizations to grow and innovate in a team-based way with a powerful transformation accelerator.”
“All change is disruptive. This book helps you understand how the complex systems in your organization influence each other. With it, you get not only context, but also a ‘leadership tool kit.’ Check out the glossary!”
“I’ve built three companies using Richard’s framework. His practical advice is as simple as it is uncommon. The results: 5­year annual compounded growth in excess of 55%. And everyone is infinitely more productive and just plain happier.”
“My first year as a CEO, I was caught in the Swirl, and Growth River came to my rescue. Engage in the 7 Crucial Conversations and watch a glorious future unfold.”
“With 100% buy in we were able to introduce the concepts and ideas through to the next level of management.”
“A clear­headed guide that can help scientists become entrepreneurs and build businesses. Our conversations with Richard brought clarity and focus to our teams, driving 26% growth annually over 10 years.”
“Richard’s roadmap is pragmatic and accessible for leading companies through uncertainty.”
“Navigate the Swirl sets the tone for teams to accomplish more, waste less, and achieve tremendous success.”