We partner with leaders

to build collaborative and aligned teams

that build great businesses

that create competitive advantage.

“If I think about Growth River’s true value to GENEWIZ, it’s really at every single step of our growth. By the way, we have been growing at over 40% every year for the last 7 years—without outside investment. The reason is simple: we have a team of leaders working together to grow the business.” 

                    - Amy Liao, PhD, Co-Founder, CEO, GENEWIZ

Over the past two decades, Growth River has developed, coached and provided training for companies, big and small, all over the world. Our focus is always on how to systematically scale businesses, simultaneously developing the leaders and the people. Through this work, we have developed a systematic methodology and a shared language for organizing and leading change within team-based enterprises.

As a client, you'll experience clear roadmaps to higher team performance and business results -- grounded in powerful analysis, tools and distinctions.

We have offices near New York, Boston, Atlanta, Frankfurt and Cologne.


Our value is to provide leaders a systematic approach for leading change — one that inspires all key stakeholders to create a shared future together, despite uncertainty and ambiguity. 
Our strengths are in four areas — and, importantly, the linkages between them:
  1. For Leaders: Developing and Presenting Narratives to Influence Change and Engage Coalitions
  2. For Teams: Building High-Performing Teams To Align and Drive Change
  3. For Organizational Design: Designing and Implementing Systems-of-Roles To Drive Innovation and Scalability
  4. For Strategies: Formulating Systems-of-Strategies To Align and Create Competitive Advantage
Practically, we get into it with our clients, usually senior leaders, to make the maps that gets everyone excited about and accountable for the journey to a desired future. 


Through these services, we provide integrated solutions for leading transformational change in teams and businesses:

Plan and lead the Journey to higher team performance and business results including:

  • Form Change Teams
  • Activate Purpose
  • Practice High-Performance Collaboration
  • Practice Analytical Thinking
  • Optimize Systems-of-Roles
  • Align Towards Competitive Advantage



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