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Growth River Services

The leadership team of a major US city’s school system learning to identify primary constraints


Harness High Performance Teams with Growth River

High Performance
Team Journey

With the Growth River approach, any leader, team or organization can become high performing. This approach leverages proven frameworks that empower people to set the right priorities that create competitive advantage.


Change is always personal and often occurs one leader at a time. Growth River provides pragmatic and structured one-on-one executive coaching that enables leaders and team members to access new ways of thinking and acting.​


There will be times when leaders and teams may not have the capacity to effectively navigate the complexities of their change initiates. We provide broad support to help analyze challenges, identify constraints, and propose paths to resolution.​

Enterprise Constraint Analysis

HPT Experience Learning Platform

A powerful e-learning experience for teams and cohorts on Rali’s advanced LMS. Scalable across your organization, building skills that sustain value creation.

Enterprise Constraint Analysis

Designed for CEOs and their teams.​ A rapid high-impact engagement to identify primary constraints to leadership team & enterprise performance.

“We have been growing at 26% annual over the last 10 years. And the benefits I have personally received from working with Growth River can not quantified by dollars. It’s worth every penny.”
Amy Liao

Frameworks for Growth

Growth River frameworks enable leaders and teams to have focused conversations–with the right people at the right times–propelling them towards the right results. Performance is always an intentional journey. It has a shared language. It requires shared ways of working. These frameworks provide organizations with the tools to navigate more simply and effectively. 

Leadership Blog

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Perhaps you know a business leader who has made the mistake of trying to develop “accountable” leaders and teams without first clearly defining roles – defining who should do what – in a way that makes sense in a business context. Here’s a strategy for avoiding the inevitable failures that result from such an approach...
The Three Most Effective Ways To Lead Change
I have worked with leaders and teams as a consultant, coach, strategist, trainer and change leader all over the world for more than 25 years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This includes amazingly high-performing teams (the good), really dysfunctional toxic rock stars (the bad), and organizational cultures that crush people (the ugly). Here’s what I’ve noticed: too many leaders get stuck.
Growth River Approach: A Straight Shot
Asking leaders who are busy worrying about survival to pursue a higher vision is unsustainable and a waste of time. No wonder many experienced business leaders may pooh-pooh vision and mission statements. To sustain any higher purpose, most people need first to resolve their survival and growth concerns...