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Growth River guides organizations, leaders and teams towards high-performance and competitive advantage.

High Performance
Team Journey

With the Growth River approach, any leader, team or organization can become high performing. This approach leverages proven frameworks that empower people to set the right priorities that create competitive advantage.


Change is always personal and often occurs one leader at a time. Growth River provides pragmatic and structured one-on-one executive coaching that enables leaders and team members to access new ways of thinking and acting.​


There will be times when leaders and teams may not have the capacity to effectively navigate the complexities of their change initiates. We provide broad support to help analyze challenges, identify constraints, and propose paths to resolution.​

Frameworks for Growth

Growth River frameworks enable leaders and teams to have focused conversations–with the right people at the right times–propelling them towards the right results. Performance is always an intentional journey. It has a shared language. It requires shared ways of working. These frameworks provide organizations with the tools to navigate more simply and effectively. 

“We have been growing at 26% annual over the last 10 years. And the benefits I have personally received from working with Growth River can not quantified by dollars. It’s worth every penny.”
Amy Liao