Target Client

To clarify their operational purpose, we often ask clients to clarify their target customer.

Our services are structured to support clients with these characteristics:

1. Key Demographic Factors?

  • Function, business, division and enterprise leaders.
  • Mid- to large businesses with executive teams that have formal functional roles (e.g., CEO, CFO, SVP).
  • Have dispersed teams across multiple geographic locations.

2. Key Psychographic Factors?

  • Are serious about their own careers in business and want to win.
  • Believe in the power of collaboration and teams.
  • Are attracted to systems and models that make them more organized and productive.
  • Are not afraid of complexity and hard work.
  • Value working with experts.

3. Pressing Need That Drives Them To Seek Change Leadership Expertise?

  • See opportunities for change that others may not and have chosen to do something about it.
  • Are grappling with significant business and/or political complexity.
  • Feel like they are missing the right concepts, analytical frameworks or language so others will buy-in.
  • Have a solid case for change but are unsure how to get other’s to pay attention, listen and buy-in.
  • Have been asked to drive (or desire to drive) a major change initiative that will require a plan and new skills.
  • Are interested in opportunities to develop their skills.

4. What Motivates Them To Purchase?

  • A well-defined practical high quality service at a fair price.
  • A price point that fits in a typical training and leadership development budget.
  • A service that they can see and to some extent try before they buy.
  • A service backed up by real expertise — one-on-one coaching.
  • A clear, easy to understand buying process.
  • Support in creating the collateral (and tools) to influence others.
  • Flexibility to modify the program to suit their needs.
  • Designed to fit into a busy schedule with travel.