Clarifying Purpose And Roles

The blogs in this category are related to the following critical leadership competencies:

  1. Clarifying purpose.
  2. Recognizing and removing ambiguity.
  3. Establishing clear and compelling team charters.
  4. Establishing clear and effective roles, accountabilities and interdependencies.
  5. Optimizing mechanisms for decision-making.
  6. Visualizing how components in business and social systems interact.
  7. Analyzing and designing principles, processes and protocols.
  8. Discerning, codifying and optimizing the value chain.
  9. Identifying and resolving conflicts and potential conflicts of interest.

COMPELLING REQUESTS, Part II: Neutralizing Toxic Rock Stars

You know of whom I speak.

And I bet every leader in your organization knows who we’re talking about.

Yes, the Toxic Rock Star.

A Toxic Rock Star is someone who produces significant material results while having a negative impact on others, in essence holding other people, teams and even organizations hostage.

Like Ogres hiding under the bridge...

Accountability Without Authority Spells Failure

authority empower

Accountability without authority is a pervasive pathology in organizations. Holding someone accountable for playing a role without giving them the authority to succeed in the role is a recipe for failure. If undiagnosed, the impacts on a team culture are insidious and unhealthy. These effects can become a very real obstacle to developing a high-performance team that consistently delivers on desired goals and outcomes.

Several years ago I took on the role of CEO at a small nonprofit (see Authoring Your Own Success Story). At that time, we recognized that we needed to transition from being a top-down, directive leadership organization, as it was no longer working. The organization was growing and developing new programs and services, so we needed to create a more complete system-of-roles to manage this increase in complexity. Concentrating too much authority and responsibility in the hands of one directive leader wasn’t working...

Organizational Structure Change Is Required To Reach The Next Level

bigstock-Business-human-resources-manag-19572602As businesses grow, organizational structure change is required to reach the next performance level. Although these changes are predictable, they are rarely easy for top leaders and teams.

This post looks at some predictable organizational changes as businesses grow. And it describes why these changes can be so difficult for top leaders and teams.

Merging Teams Faster

Cairo traffic

You are speeding along a highway and then it merges with another highway. What happens? Traffic slows until all of the cars can become integrated using the zipper method.

Merging team cultures and business models works the same way. The speed at which a business is able to develop, sell and deliver products and services to customers slows until the two teams and business models can become aligned and integrated. This post will describe a zipper method for integrating team cultures and business models.

I was recently advising the top leader of a consulting firm, which acquired another consulting firm...