Finally, a clear way to discuss strategic tradeoffs with your leadership team and have everyone on the same page

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When five different people in your organization are telling you to invest in five different strategies…
Who do you say no to? And for what reasons?

Choose the right investment that creates competitive advantage

..and mitigate the politics with compelling logic?

How do you choose which investments are right ones?

Working with investors and CEOs, we developed the 4 Metrics for Competitive Advantage to answer these questions.

  • Compare apples to apples
  • Use the right criteria for winning
  • Align your team with a shared approach
  • Damp down politics

Our white paper walks you stepwise through a case study on how to apply the four metrics for measuring competitive advantage.

Here are the four ideal outcomes
of an optimal business investment:

  1. 100% share of a target market
  2. No constraints to meeting demand
  3. No significant business risks
  4. Above average returns

The Four Metrics for Competitive Advantage are an application of this logic to help you choose optimal business investments.

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Choose the right investment that creates competitive advantage

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