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What is Primary Constraint Thinking?

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The goal of Primary Constraint Thinking is to provide a construct and process that enables higher performance. It provides individuals and teams an approach that allows them to distinguish breakthroughs, recognize ahead-of-the-curve investments, and set clear priorities.

The challenge is that there are often competing perspectives and therefore, individuals and teams lack clear priorities and fall short of higher, sustainable performance.
Primary Constraint Thinking is a shared perspective that allows individuals and team members a thought process and approach for analyzing and identifying the one specific gap that most prevents higher performance.

Key Distinctions:

Primary Constraint. The primary constraint is the one key condition that currently most constrains higher sustainable performance. All systems will have a single primary constraint. When it is resolved, another will emerge to take its place. Actions that resolve primary constraints have the highest potential impact.

Breakthrough. A breakthrough is an event that resolves a primary constraint, creating a higher sustainable level of performance.

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