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Navigate the Swirl: 7 Conversations for Transformation

Create the Best Team

Too many people live with a gnawing feeling that their team and, indeed, their entire organization could and should run more smoothly, more purposefully, and more effectively. But they are unable to actualize it amidst the daily Swirl, contends business and strategy expert Richard S. Hawkes, CEO of Growth River.

In his new book, NAVIGATE THE SWIRL: 7 Crucial Conversations For Business Transformation, Hawkes shares what he has learned guiding hundreds of organizations, large and small, on their growth journeys and lays out a playbook for leading transformative change, applicable at any stage of a company’s development.

I recently spoke with Richard Hawkes, founder and CEO of Growth River, about his concept of the Swirl and how to overcome stagnation to build highly engaged, high-performing teams and organizations.

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