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Performance Support

Performance Support

There are times when leaders and teams may not have the capacity to effectively navigate the complexities of their change initiates. We provide broad support to help them analyze and overcome constraints.

This enables leaders and teams to organize complex decisions, develop influential narratives, and change plans to achieve their desired future state.

Growth River helps organizations resolve with such problems as: 

“What got us here won’t get us there.”
Your team or business is excellent at accomplishing what they always have created, but due to “untenable complexity,” clear opportunities are blocked by too many complications and redundant work streams.

“We operate like a seven-year-old’s soccer team.”
Getting leaders to align seems like an elusive goal. As a result “decision-making is siloed” and contributes to the lack of collaboration within and across teams.

“No matter what, it is always like comparing apples and oranges.”
Strategies from different areas of the business are not aligned. Evaluating potential investments becomes overly complex and riddled with conflict that leads to challenges in containing costs.

“Decision-making always has to overcome bottle necks.”
There are too few effective leaders with the managerial courage to break through. As a result, organizations lack agility and focus. This creates cultural resistance to change. “The attitude is, why should we bother? It isn’t going to really change anyway.”

“Here we go again, it’s ground hog day.”
Most decisions and strategic trade-offs resurface and remain unresolved. Historical success is no longer enough. “The need to enter new markets or develop new products or services is an imperative, and we are too slow!”

“As an executive I feel like I am tending to the weeds!”
Too many arcane or detailed decisions are escalated to the top of the house.

“We are overwhelmed by our work and our conversations swirl endlessly!”
In the absence of clear prioritization, we are constantly battling competing workstreams and unhealthy competition for resources. “Most of our teams have ad hoc and misaligned ways of working that add cycles of politics and additional costs to getting work done.”

“Our decisions can only be made by those dwelling in our ivory towers.”
Decision makers are too far from where value is created. As a result, vice-presidents work like directors, directors work like managers, etcetera and so on!