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Robert DeSimone

Robert DeSimone

Managing Partner, Change Leadership Expert & Master Executive Coach

Robert’s focus and passion is contributing whatever it takes to achieve the breakthrough his clients require.

With 26 years of senior executive experience, Robert is an organization development consultant, High Performance Team facilitator, and master executive coach. His highly developed professional leadership skills enable him to quickly and accurately assess the current state of senior leaders, teams and organizations, and then collaborate to develop focused, pragmatic approaches to enhance effectiveness and business results.

Robert is acknowledged by those he serves as direct, straightforward, extremely focused and ‘playing for real.’ He listens beyond the present conversation and quickly frames the root constraints to issues. His ability to lead executives with challenging, powerful and provocative questions and processes is a signature skill. He calls this approach ‘The Uncommon Dialogue.’ Through these conversations, space is created for breakthrough shifts in mindset. Thus, new behaviors become available that give way to improved effectiveness, greater impact and authenticity. Client’s value Robert’s style in holding them accountable to achieve results. His commitment to their success, linked with his business leadership experience and intuitive insights, bring a sense of excitement, possibility and sustainability to clients learning experiences.

Robert attended the US Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University, earning a degree in Industrial Psychology and Organization and Human Development. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Suffolk County, New York.