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How to Fix a Toxic Workplace: A Podcast Conversation

By: Jim Stroud, VP of Marketing, Proactive Talent 
April 11, 2022 

Is workplace drama standing in the way of productivity? Do colleagues fight over petty issues? Are teams more concerned about protecting their territory than getting the job done? Is bad behavior being tolerated? These are just a few of the signs that a toxic workplace is impeding organizational success, says Richard Hawkes, author of NAVIGATE THE SWIRL and CEO of the consulting firm Growth River. These behaviors are part of “the Swirl” — the daily mix of problems, turf battles, and drama that block an organization’s ability to focus on the real issues that result in transformation and growth.

In his forthcoming book, Hawkes presents a step-by-step guide for building highly engaged, high-performing teams and organizations, despite the Swirl. His playbook centers on Seven Crucial Conversations, a series of ongoing, intentional conversations that help people align and re-imagine the “social systems” in which they work.

In this podcast, Jim Stroud, VP of Marketing at Proactive Talent interviews Hawkes on…