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This is Why You Always Get Sucked into Office Drama

By Stephanie Vozza | April 7, 2022 

Here’s why we crave workplace gossip—even when it’s best to avoid. 

…Office drama also negatively impacts a company’s ability to grow, scale, and attract talent, says Richard Hawkes, author of Navigate the Swirl: 7 Crucial Conversations for Business Transformation.

“Companies that have leaders who don’t take office drama seriously get themselves into a state of inertia,” Hawkes says. “When people get caught up in office drama, it can be difficult for them to drive decisions. There’s always another turf battle or political challenge to react to.”

Leaders need to be willing to lead teams. “Organizations need to create a context in which leaders are held accountable for their team’s performance,” Hawkes says. “That creates a context for resolving problems in the first place. Without that there’s no foundation to clean up the behaviors that are blocking them from getting things problem solved.”

Hawkes recommends conversations that include activating purpose, driving focus, and shifting mindset. “Those have to do with culture and leadership,” he says. “Getting past drama means getting clear about a shared purpose and shared focus and knowing what mindset we need to engage with each other. Pick your problem, lean into the conversation, figure out what’s happening.”