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How you can learn to “navigate the swirl” to grow and innovate

Thank you to Liz Guthridge for her thoughtful review of NAVIGATE THE SWIRL. Her comments include: “This book is a gift for managing the intricacies of today’s business world. I plan to use the book with college students, If they can learn to navigate the swirl while building high-performance teams,…
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What Every Startup Needs To Understand About Growth

Growth in an organization—just like growth in a child—has a natural pathway and order. Don’t fight that flow. Part of the job of a leader is to understand it better and find ways to support and encourage it.   Read More
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How Do Leaders Integrate? with Richard Hawkes

Companies are social systems, not machines. Employees are not interchangeable like machine parts. When you understand this, it becomes easier to define the constraints facing your business and find solutions. Listen to a recent conversation I had with Firms Consulting about this topic and more:
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Navigate the Swirl: 7 Conversations for Transformation

Create the Best TeamToo many people live with a gnawing feeling that their team and, indeed, their entire organization could and should run more smoothly, more purposefully, and more effectively. But they are unable to actualize it amidst the daily Swirl, contends business and strategy expert Richard S. Hawkes, CEO…
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7 Crucial Strategies to Facilitate Competitive Business Transformations

By Martin Zwilling | May 20, 2022 Building and transforming organizational teams is far more complicated than building products.  In my experience as a business advisor, most organizations, large and small, struggle to keep up with the pace of change and competitive forces today. You may have a brilliant product…
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